Plant photos & information

Access to our plantdatabase with 300,000 plant photos of 75,000 plant varieties with descriptions and attributes to improve your online sales & Google rankings.

  • Plantdatabase with plantphotos. Royalty free. Easy license. Use online and in-store.Save costs through affordable licensing
  • Save time and get started immediately through direct access to the plant data
  • High-quality and comprehensive data collected by horticultural experts
  • Search engine optimised plant texts so that you improve rankings on Google and other search engines
  • Simple license model and no hidden costs for you
  • Use our standard text or create Google-friendly descriptions for a small extra fee.
  • Available in 21 languages
  • Guaranteed data on all plant varieties


Plantdatabase with royalty free photos for garden centres and nurseries in the UK, Ireland, Canada, US and other countries

Save costs with our affordable licensing

Our low-cost licensing of plant and product data allows you to impress your customers without investing a lot of money. You can simply ask us for an individual offer, and we will put together the licensing model that suits you best. Or maybe our data flat rate is something for you? With it, you can access and use our plant data without limits and at any time. Just get in touch with us!

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Royalty free plantphotos for usage on your webshop, website or in your garden centre or nursery. Green stock photos.

Plantdatabase for your webshop, app, website or use our API to get access. Plantdata API.Save time and start using the plant data right away!

You can simply download your plant data via your personal account or provide an Excel list with which we will then deliver the plant data in the format you want to use. You can then start using your new plant data right away: on your webshop, website or other projects. 


Plantdata and plantphotos for online and retail. Use our database of 300,000 photos of 75,000 plants. Easy license. API access for PIM and ERP.Use our standard texts or unique texts!

Many companies like to use our standard texts. This shows how good they are, but they can only be used to a limited extent to boost your Google rankings. To do that, you need unique texts and that's exactly what you get when you have unique texts created exclusively for your plants. This makes your site or shop more unique, will boost your Google rankings and drive new visitors to your website. Just talk to us about it!

Plantdata and plantdatabase, use our platform or API to access data

Access to high-quality and comprehensive plant data

You get high-quality data about your plants. Our horticultural experts have collected data on over 75,000 plant varieties, so we place special care on the quality of the data available to you. In total, more than 30 different texts per plant variety are provided, and more than 100 plant attributes per plant variety are available.

Plantdata and plant descriptions for retail and PIM. API development possible.

All plant texts are search engine optimised

SEO is more important now than ever: it increases your Google rankings, the visitors on your website and eventually your sales - in-store and online. All our plant texts are Search Engine Optimised and will help you to boost your Google rankings. This means that you are not only improving your online presence, but you also offer your customers comprehensive service with important information about your plants.

Royalty free plantdata. Plantdatabase with plantphotos.

Simple licensing model

There are no hidden costs with us. From the very beginning, we have placed special emphasis on the fact that you can license our plant data via a simple and transparent licensing model. In principle, you can use your new plant data for both print and web. This gives you maximum flexibility and ensures comprehensive and high-quality information on your plants.



Guarantee: 100% of your plant varieties available! 

Although our library contains more than 75,000 plant varieties, we sometimes miss the ones you're looking for. If you provide us with an Excel list of the plant varieties you need, we will deliver the data for 100% of the plants! If you are downloading the plant data yourself and you are missing a plant variety, you can just contact us. We will then add the missing variety as quickly as possible and provide you with the data.

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We will contact you shortly for a quick, 20-minute demo of our solutions. Just fill in your details below. 

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