Augmented Reality

Online shopping can be quite difficult for consumers at times. It is difficult to imagine how a particular product will look in your own home or garden. Will that plant fit in my living room? Isn't that lounge set too big for my terrace? These challenges sometimes make online shopping a little uncertain. Fortunately, we offer the solution: augmented reality.

  • Try it yourself: open this link or scan the QR code below:
  • With augmented reality, visitors to a garden centre's webshop can virtually place the products in their own home or garden. This gives them a better idea of what the product will look like in their own environment.
  • The result is that visitors make their purchases with more confidence and certainty. And we notice this not only in the higher conversion value, but also in the positive feedback from customers.
  • We offer more than 1,000 different models of lounge sets, plants and artificial Christmas trees that can be virtually placed in the consumer's own environment. This is a simple solution that can be implemented on any webshop.

Our customers are very satisfied with the user-friendliness and the extra service we offer with this service. Would you also like to offer your customers this extra service? Then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of augmented reality for your webshop.

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