Plant guide

Taking care of plants is a tough challenge for most of your customers. The small label with information is often discarded or unclear, so how can you help your customers keep garden and houseplants alive? By using our plant guide, you have a great reference book with accurate information about garden and houseplants.

Our plant guide is a reference work of more than 50,000 plants, with information on care, photos and tips. You can link it to your website or webshop to inform your customers properly:

  • Visitors can search by characteristics such as name, colour, species, growth height and location.
  • They immediately get information about the plant, such as care tips, photos and information about growing conditions.
  • You can also use this information in your webshop, to display or sell plants.
  • You decide which plants will or will not be included in the plant guide.
  • New plants are added regularly, so the plant guide always offers an overview of current plants.
  • Visitors can also search by garden styles for inspiration: they can quickly find plants that suit a stone garden or a low-maintenance garden.

It is important to help your customers with their plants: with our plant guide, you help them and get access to more than 50,000 house and garden plants. 

Want to know more about the plant guide? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help!

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