Google Ads

Everyone knows and clicks on Google Ads, because this is simply the first thing that comes up when you search on Google. If you own a garden centre and would like to attract more visitors to your shop or increase your online sales, Google Ads is a good option. 

However, Google Ads does not only work if you want to sell online: you can also easily reach local consumers. A brief summary of how we work:

  • We start by defining your goals. We determine the expected return, your target audience and the products you want to advertise with. 
  • We link Google Analytics to your Google Ads campaigns, this way we can analyse the results of the campaigns in depth.
  • We then set up campaigns depending on your goals. We can use search, shopping and display networks, and possibly also define regions.
  • If we use Google Shopping, we also create automated product feeds and provide integration with the Google Merchant Center. 
  • After the launch, we monitor the results. We discuss the results, adjust and optimise the campaigns.

Google Ads is a powerful tool to achieve your goals. You pay your budget directly to Google and there is no mark-up for us. We also use Comparison Shopping Partners to get an extra discount on costs due to EU legislation.

Want to know more about how we can use Google Ads for your garden centre? Then get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you further.

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