RetailVista is the market leader in the Netherlands in the garden industry and provides checkout solutions. The Garden Connect is fully integrated with RetailVista. This integration allows you to offer your customers a comprehensive omnichannel experience.

The integration with RetailVista involves both the customer card and webshops and offers your garden centre and customers a number of advantages:

  • You can automatically put all information about products, prices and offers online. Discount arrangements, shipping options, delivery dates and other useful information is also exchanged between RetailVista and the Garden Connect platform.
  • In addition, you can also offer your customers a loyalty card with which they can earn points and use a digital gift card. Together with NedFox, we integrated RFM segmentation to target the right customer at the right time. 
  • The integration also provides your garden centre with its own app: handy, because it means you no longer need plastic cards and you can keep customers informed via their smartphone.

The integration between Garden Connect and RetailVista is very extensive. You can offer your customers a full omnichannel experience where online & offline merge seamlessly.

Contact us today to see how the integration of Garden Connect and RetailVista can help your garden centre serve your customers in an ideal way.

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