If you have a webshop for your garden centre, it can sometimes be useful for visitors to be able to easily request quotes. For example, if you want to offer heavy products like paving or large products like avenue trees, with our solutions, customers can easily request quotes based on products, customer and delivery location. 

This solution is possible in every webshop we develop and works very easily for both you and the visitor:

  • Visitors place all products in their shopping cart, just as they normally do when ordering online
  • During checkout, contact details are entered and, based on the delivery location and products, the webshop checks whether the order can go ahead or whether a quotation must be requested.
  • If a quote is required, payment options are blocked.
  • Once the quote is requested, you will receive an email with information. In our platform, you can adjust any delivery costs and rates and add a comment. You can also reject the quotation.
  • The customer then automatically receives an e-mail with a payment link. After payment, the quote becomes an order and can be processed like any other order. 
  • If you reject the quotation, you can give a reason and, of course, the customer will be sent a proper e-mail.

The quotation process is almost fully automated and useful for larger purchases, such as garden sheds, paving and soil. It is also useful for orders that are difficult to deliver, such as large trees. Business customers can also make use of this. 

Would you like to know more about the possibility of requesting quotes via your webshop? Then contact us, we will be happy to help.

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