Google Local Inventory Ads

More than 75% of online consumers look up information before visiting a physical shop. Using Google Local Inventory Ads (LIA) makes your physical garden centre visible and is a great way to drive more consumers to your shop. 

Google Local Inventory Ads are shown to Google users in your local area and ensure that consumers with a high willingness to buy go to your shop. We can completely set this up and set it up for you:

  • We set up the special feeds for this and set up your account.
  • Google will then contact you to do a random check with you to make sure you really do have the products available.
  • After going live, the Local Inventory Ads will be shown in Google searches. 
  • These are always linked to your physical shop, so consumers will immediately see a route and your current opening hours.

Google Local Inventory Ads is an accessible way to attract more consumers to your garden centre. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you with Google Local Inventory Ads.

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