Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a common and accessible way of online marketing. It is a good solution for garden centres that deliver nationwide and want to sell more. With affiliate marketing, you only pay fees when an online sale takes place. It is almost completely automated. We help you set up campaigns properly and get the most out of your affiliate campaign.

Affiliate marketing is very effective and you can scale up your online reach & sales by using this channel.

  • With affiliate marketing, you can use a network of publishers to promote your webshop. 
  • In the end, the purchase always takes place on your own website: so you get more customers yourself!
  • You can set a commission percentage per category in your webshop.
  • Purchases and returns are automatically processed in our platform.
  • We use a commercial affiliate network and have fully integrated this into our platform. So you don't have to do any manual operations to process this.

Affiliate links can appear anywhere, such as newspaper websites, blogs, comparison sites, social media. With our services, you can easily use affiliate marketing.

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