Introducing: Esther Overgaauw

Esther has been working at Garden Connect as a corporate marketer since May 2022. In this blog, we'd like to introduce her to you!

Corporate Marketing

As a corporate marketer, Esther is responsible for all internal marketing at Garden Connect. "That includes things like writing blogs, planning webinars, creating newsletters for clients, managing social media, and producing academy videos. Additionally, I organise trade shows and ensure we have all the necessary materials such as banners and signage. Every quarter, I compile the Garden Retail Market Update using market data from the previous quarter."

From the Floral Industry to Garden Connect

"After graduating, I worked at a flower shop, and I ended up here through the floral industry. So far, I'm proud of the Garden Retail Market Update. We hadn't done this before, so I'm really excited that we initiated it ourselves and that clients are responding well to it. We also launched the new website, and I contributed a lot to that. It was a very educational experience, and I think it turned out beautifully!"

Design and Social Media

Esther is taking courses in Photoshop, Canva, and Copywriting. "I really enjoy working with social media and would like to focus on it more. The courses I'm taking are helping me with that. One of my goals is to consistently improve the design of webinars and their promotion."

Open and Friendly Atmosphere

When Esther joined Garden Connect, she found the atmosphere to be very open and friendly. "Everyone was kind, and it was a really warm welcome. I started during a busy period and was thrown in the deep end a bit, but everyone helped me wherever possible, so it felt very comfortable." In her free time, Esther enjoys cooking, shopping, and going to a terrace with friends. "I love gardening, especially in the summer, of course. My favorite plant is the banana plant, of which I have about 8: 1 large mother plant and its offshoots!"