Introducing: Rebel Moojen

In our new blog, we’d like to introduce you to our content marketeer Rebel Moojen!

Creative writing

Rebel is 27 years old and has worked as a content marketeer at Garden Connect since 2019. After finishing her internship at a Dutch public tv channel and graduating from her studies in Communication, Rebel knew she wanted to work in the online world and combine this with her interest and passion for writing. By looking for content marketing after her studies, she found her current job at Garden Connect. “In my work, I make sure that what my clients do in their garden centres, is visible on their website. I create new content, newsletters, blogs and of course I keep my clients up to date. We go through their most important focus points for the coming months every quarter. My clients want their website to be up-to-date, but they don’t have the time to do so. That’s where my support comes in, which is a big part of my work. That’s what the content marketing team is for.”

Welcomed with open arms

“Nikkie approached me through LinkedIn for a job opening in content marketing. After my first interview, I got a tour around the office, which was packed with colleagues in the pre-covid times. I was immediately touched by the group of young people, and I thought ‘this is the kind of dynamic that I’m looking for.’ I was welcomed with open arms when I was introduced to the content marketing team. During my interview, we were secretly already talking about the nice team events, the ski trip and the festival visits. I clearly knew this was the place for me! And I honestly have to admit: all the trips lived up to their reputation!”

Great teambuilding

Rebel is proud of where the content marketing team is now: “In our team, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. We always come up with new ideas, and we have a great and dynamic team. I am proud of how we have a very strong team bond.”

Indispensable factor

Secretly, Rebel is dreaming of a future career as a tv-host for a show about gardens, fashion or lifestyle. She’s just as ambitious in her current job: “In my work, I always strive for my clients to see the value in my work. I want to support my clients so they can not miss my support to achieve their higher goals.”

Concert at Sea

If Rebel is not working, she’s doing various types of exercise: “I do kickboxing, I dance, and I teach Zumba classes. Besides that, I have a wonderful group of friends with whom I enjoy nice trips and dinners. Fortunately, I can share my passion for delicious food with my boyfriend, because we enjoy discovering new restaurants in The Netherlands and abroad. Besides that, I enjoy going to festivals, and I perform as a dancer at Dutch festivals such as Concert at Sea.” The Alocasia Zebrina is Rebel’s favourite plant. “This one grows very well with just a little care, and I’m always surprised about the new leaves that keep on appearing. And also, the stem is beautiful!”