Introducing: Mark van Ketel

Mark van Ketel works at Garden Connect as a senior front-end developer, and we’re happy to introduce you to him in this blog!

All-round development

Mark has worked at Garden Connect as a developer since 2015. “I am currently working as a senior front-end developer, but in the last couple of years, my work has become more all-round. I don’t focus on the front-end solely, since I started doing more back-end work and system updates. The focus of my back-end work is mainly on content, such as the updates I do in the Garden Connect Platform and the development of our AR tool.” Before his work at Garden Connect, Mark had several development jobs. Often with different coding and languages, but always focused on website development.


“I feel like I have grown a lot in the last couple of years, both as an employee and as a person. I’m not only a front-end developer anymore. I am also really trying to help the company grow. I look at what wat we can do better, tidier, or more structured in our Platform. I start these projects by myself or with colleagues, without that being asked of me. In a sense, I am freer to contribute in different ways.”

Internship supervisor

Besides the fact that Mark always wants to contribute to the company's development, he will also be an internship supervisor, allowing him to pass on the knowledge and work. “I am currently involved with a new development at Garden Connect, where I will be the first supervisor for our new intern. I will supervise the new intern and I hope to teach him or her a lot.” 

New systems and techniques

“When I just started working at Garden Connect, I was welcomed very positively by my new colleagues. Everything was new for me when it came to the workflow, the Garden Connect Platform and the coding. I was supervised in a great way, so I was able to get into the work very quickly. Besides that, the ambience at work was very positive, and a great plus for me was the flat organisation structure.”

The bird of paradise plant

“I really like the Bird of Paradise plant and the Heliconia. I have seen these in their natural habitat, during travels and they are one of my favourites!” When Mark is not working, he likes to spend time with his daughter who is almsot 2 years old. He also enjoys going to concerts, festivals, travelling and photography.

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