Introducing: Melissa Nagtegaal

Melissa has worked at Garden Connect since 2016. We’re happy to introduce you to her in this blog!

Account manager Netherlands & Canada

Melissa works as a senior account manager for North- and Central Netherlands and Canda. ‘A couple of years ago I approached Edwin for an opportunity in Canada. We started expanding there in partnership with Nurseryland in Canada and that’s how my group of clients started to grow internationally. The main thing I do in my work is helping clients to reach their goals.’ 

Many jobs, but no web development

In 2016, Melissa started as an online marketeer ‘After that, I’ve worked as a project manager for some time and eventually I took Nikkie’s job and I became an account manager. I would say I’ve had most jobs at Garden Connect, except web development.’ Before Melissa started working at Garden Connect, she used to work in marketing for an event agency. 


‘I always have great collaborations with my clients. I’m very happy about that. Besides that, I’m very proud of the work we deliver with the whole team. The client signs the offer with me, but after that it’s on us to deliver the work in line with their goals and wishes. We really do that as a team: project managers, developers and content marketeers and I’m proud of how we do that.’ 

Melisa is aiming for more partnerships ‘If we start more partnerships, we can expand beyond what we as Garden Connect have to offer, so we can reach even more together.’ 

On her first day at Garden Connect, Melissa immediately noticed her friendly colleagues. ‘Everyone was committed to helping each other. The colleagues I first started working with, still work here, which makes us not only colleagues but also friends who like to enjoy a festival together.’ 


During her time off, Melissa loves being outside and/or travelling. ‘At the beginning of last year I explored Mexico, which I really enjoyed. I always like to stroll around and discover new places. They call me ‘Lizzy the walker.’ Besides that, I enjoy spending time with friends. In February I’m going on a new adventure with my partner, as we’ll travel to Australia together. I’m really excited about that!

Her favorite plant is the banana plant: ‘This one grows so fast in our house. When you enter the house, it’s immediately there shining in the corner. We get a lot of compliments about that!’ 

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