Introducing: Jamie Schelling

Jamie has been working at Garden Connect as an online marketer since June 2022. In this blog, we'd like to introduce her to you!

Online Marketing

As an online marketer, Jamie is responsible for the performance of clients' websites in Canada and Ireland. How she approaches this depends on the service: "Local SEO is more focused on SEO, ensuring they rank higher on Google. With Performance-based marketing, it's more about the website's performance and catering to visitor needs. In Google Ads, the goal is to generate as many conversions as possible, whether they're purchases or newsletter sign-ups."

Spotting Opportunities

"Especially in recent weeks, I identified opportunities with existing clients that allowed me to enhance their performance, perhaps through different services. By thinking along with the customer and offering the right options in a timely manner, several clients have significantly improved their performance, and I'm very pleased about that!"


"Previously, I worked as an all-round marketer at an export company. I was handling online marketing and content marketing simultaneously. That's where my interest in performance marketing originated. In my free time, I enjoy sports. I used to do competitive sports, but even now, sports still play a significant role in my life. Additionally, I like going out with friends for drinks or dinner. My favorite plant is the Calathea. 'They're beautiful, have unique colors, and are easy to maintain.'"

Optimal Performance

"For me, the most important thing is always achieving the goals set with the customer, striving for that and thinking along with the customer. I like focusing on the customer's objectives. I would really enjoy helping more clients with performance-based marketing to optimize their performance. When I first started at Garden Connect, I noticed how informal and friendly the atmosphere is. At the same time, everyone has a goal, which is to keep the customer satisfied by doing the best possible work."

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