The power of Garden Connect’s news articles

In the digital age of 2023, online visibility is crucial for the success of any business, including garden centres. Garden Connect assists garden centres in keeping their websites up-to-date by posting several weekly news items. We understand that you may have some questions about these news articles. How does this work, and why are they so important?

Standard news articles for all our clients

If you look at the garden centres’ websites we work with, you may notice that many of them have a news section with news articles. These blogs contain up-to-date information and inspiration about trends and gardening advice. Do all these garden centres write two to three news articles themselves every week? No, that would be too time-consuming. Garden Connect helps its clients keep their websites up-to-date and prevents websites from containing outdated information. That's why we post two to three news articles on all websites every week as part of our service. This allows every garden centre to regularly inform visitors about that month's trends, activities, and gardening jobs.

Unique content

"If I want my website to rank high in Google search results, it must contain unique content." This is a common thought among our clients. Fortunately, Google doesn't penalise duplicate content. Having up-to-date content on your website is also important to Google.

In the video below, Edwin explains why it's a myth that Google penalises duplicate content:

Our news articles don’t intend to make your garden centre rank high in Google. They’re made to inform your customers. If you want to rank well in Google, you need to delve into online marketing, such as search engine optimisation and content marketing, services that we also offer as supplements.

But won't all news articles look the same?

That's correct. That's why we upload our standard news articles well in advance so our clients have time to customise them to their tastes and personalities. Every garden centre is unique; you don't want to have the exact same blogs as your neighbour. Our standard news items merely provide a starting point. Afterwards, you can add your personal touch to make it align with your target audience.

In this video, we explain why this is important and how to do it on our platform:

It's always easier to modify an existing blog than to write a new one. By adding your own photos, brands, and products to the news articles, it becomes personal.

You’re always in control

At Garden Connect, you are always in control of your own website. The news articles we offer are just optional. You can choose to use them, but it's not mandatory. If you prefer to write news articles yourself or want full control over your website's content, you simply don't use this free service. However, it's a very convenient service most of our clients use to save time and strengthen their online presence.

You can also post news articles yourself, as shown in this video:

So, you always decide what goes on your website, but our news articles save you a lot of time. Precious time that you can invest in managing your inventory or highlighting the seasonal bestsellers.

Where do these news articles come from?

You may wonder where our news articles come from. Our fantastic team of content marketers is always busy creating online content and watching trends for homes, gardens, and pets. We participate in events, are members of EFSA, and maintain close relationships with suppliers. By regularly brainstorming, we always create an up-to-date content calendar that aligns with current trends.


Diversity in topics

We provide a wide variety of blogs to ensure that the same topics don't repeat every year. Our main focus is informing customers about the latest garden trends, interior design inspiration, plant care tips, and holiday-related advice. We also convert relevant information and campaigns from garden industry associations, like HTA and GCA. This way, you always have a wide range of diverse topics in your news section. 

Get in touch

Would you like to know more about the news articles we provide and how they can strengthen your garden centre in 2023? Please contact us at +31 20 700 8250 or email We are ready to assist you in optimising your online presence in 2023.

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