9 August 2022

In this whitepaper, we have listed all the trends that can be seen both online and offline in the garden retail industry.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, there have been many changes in consumer buying behaviour. For example, 27% of British consumers purchased plants online during the pandemic, and 43% of customers shopping at independent garden centres will continue to shop online after Covid-19. 

What other changes can be seen due to Covid-19, and how do you make sure you benefit from these trends? We will give you some answers in this whitepaper.

Other topics covered include:

  • By using Augmented Reality you increase the chance of conversion by 94%. 
  • 46% of searches in Google are aimed at seeing, visiting or buying something nearby. But how do you make your website more visible and why is that essential? 
  • By offering your customer relevant content at the right time, for example, on how to take care of the plant they recently purchased, you can build a better and long lasting relationship with your customers. 

Download the whitepaper now to learn more about these and other topics & trends!  

Exclusive whitepaper ‘State of the Garden Retail Industry Summer 2022’
Esther Overgaauw

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Esther Overgaauw

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State of the Garden Retail Industry Summer 2022

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