3 Tips to Sell Plants Online

3 Tips to Sell Plants Online

Plants are the core business of garden centres so it’s surprising to see many centres are not selling plants online. We’re happy to share 3 tips on how you could showcase and sell your plants online!

1. Logistics of selling plants online

Shipping olive trees from Southampton to Edinburgh can be a headache. But why would you start with such a complicated process? Plenty of customers in your own area are searching for plants online so start with a click & collect and local delivery service. That makes your life a lot easier and chances are customers will visit your brick & mortar store as well.

Having an iconic delivery truck helps to get some attention while delivering your plants:


2. Photos of plants

Consumers buying online need as much information as possible to learn what they are buying. Apart from a proper description and specifications photos are indispensable. Plants will grow and change over the years and it’s great to show your customer what they can expect from their purchase. At Garden Connect we do stock over 15,000 proper plant photos. Photos are key for online customers so pay attention to them!

Are you interested in plant photos? Have a look at our unique database of plant photos you can use to sell plants online.

3. Navigation

Make it easy to navigate since most modern consumers don’t have plant knowledge. Sun or shade? Evergreen? What are the flowering colours? What will the maximum height be? When does the plant flower? Does it require a dry or wet soil? Having easy navigation in your website with a range of product filters helps customers to pick the right plant - even without any knowledge.

Cowell's Garden Centre is using very visual navigation on their plant webshop:

In case you want to have your own plant webshop, have a look at our webshops. We're specialised in building webshop to sell plants online and are working for garden centres in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Canada & other parts of the world.


Bonus tip: create Google-friendly texts

Our bonus tip on how to sell plants online is about Google-friendly texts. There are many webshops showing descriptions of plants but they don't have a Google-friendly description. And we can understand they don't have it since there are 1,000's of plants and writing unique, Google-friendly texts will take years.

At Garden Connect, we developed an innovative solution to solve this issue. So yes, we can provide you with 1,000's of unique texts about plants as well with photos you can use to sell plants online in 7 languages. And no, we're not out-generating these texts since that will look weird. Have a look at our project Your Plants.com or send an e-mail to our founder Edwin on edwin@gardenconnect.com to learn more. 

Do you need some more inspiration? Have a look at our tips on how to write awesome texts on your garden centre website or learn how to boost online sales via search engine optimisation. You can also follow us on Instagram or LinkedIN to stay tuned. 


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