For many garden retailers, online marketing is confusing and complicated. However, we believe your garden centre can be better and more successful if you know how to use online marketing. That’s why we embraced online marketing to help garden centres to become more successful from the day we started in 2002. It’s our goal to help you to boost your online sales and footfall in an effective and understandable way. 

Online marketing is useful not only for webshops but also for garden centres who want to drive traffic to the store. At Garden Connect, we are proud to have a team of experienced online marketers who are all Google-certified but also have experience in the garden industry. 

Boost local traffic

Since over 50% of Google searches are related to local businesses and things to do, it’s clear you can get more customers by improving your Google rankings. Garden Connect helps you to reach out to these customers by using Local SEO Marketing. Read more about this service.

  • Improve rankings on local search queries
  • Get better listings on Google My Business, Yelp and other networks
  • Create content to inspire local customers to visit you

Local SEO marketing has proven to be the way to go to increase footfall to your garden centre. You can read more about this in our blog.

Online marketing for webshops

We’re proud to have some of the industry-leading webshops among our customer base. The key element of their success? Focus on conversion rates instead of visitor numbers. At Garden Connect, we believe a quality webshop attracts new customers. That’s why our online marketers focus on ways to be successful in the long term:

  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Website speed
  • Mobile design
  • Blogger outreach to get more relevant links

This strategy not only helps you to get more visitors, but it also increases your revenue per visitor significantly.

Google Ads

Apart from search engine optimisation, we also help garden centres to set up and run Google Ads campaigns. We can help you to maximize the return on investment on your online marketing budget. We use Google Ads for both local marketing as well as for webshops:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Banner campaigns

Google Ads is most effective in combination with online marketing: this will help you to increase conversion rates and lower the cost per action at the same time. Our team is focussed on running a positive return on your investment rather than trying to spend your monthly budget.

Google-friendly content

Our content marketing team can help you to create Google-friendly content. They have extensive experience in the garden centre industry and are in touch with premier suppliers ensuring they are kept up to date. Content marketers usually work a dedicated number of hours per week on your website, to make sure it’s always up-to-date. 


At Garden Connect, we believe transparency is the starting point of a long-term relationship. That’s why we always work with fixed quotes. During an onboarding meeting, one of our experienced account managers will discuss your challenges, goals, and ambitions. Based on that, we can provide you with a proposal covering all your needs. 

Our quotes always include webshop hosting, updates, and support. You’ll never get an unexpected invoice from us. 

Apart from improving your online marketing and Google rankings, we can also help you to develop a new website, app or webshop, extend your loyalty scheme and help you with plant data

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